Constructing the Universe: This is the companion site to one of the resource books we use. Very interesting and fun site.

A general site on Math & Art. Many links on this site on the topic.


Fibonacci Association

Washoe County Voter pages for Benford's The website that has the images for the fibonacci and golden ratio ppt shown in class.
Easier Fibonacci Puzzles
Biography of Fibonacci Mathematical Magic of Fibonacci Numbers
Pascal's Triangle Pascal's Triangle 1 Pascal's Triangle 2
The Twelve Days of Christmas and Pascal's Triangle
Golden Number / Ratio
Phi Calculations and examples The Museum of Harmony
  More links on Phi and Fibonacci  
Fractal Art

And if you need a TON of info on fractals, Yale University has the site to fill that need. Benoit Mandelbrot himself was one of the authors. It is the site for a semester long class on fractals.
Fractal Grower software  
BBC News movie - Fractals
Open source music scoring software. You can create Fractal Music with this software!
More Fractals, both real and computer generated
This is a true, professional level, fractal software package. FREE!
Fractal Foundation
Parametric Eqns Animations Different Views
OnLine Spirograph Generator - scroll to bottom
Anamorphic Art Anamorphic Images paper (2000)
Lots of Anamorphic Optical Illusions Ambigious Art .PPT
Anamorphic Parking Garage Signs Student Work 2009 PPT

Student Work 2009 PPTX

Anamorphic Fake Speed Bumps .PDF
  Edward IV video Leonardo's eye video

Erhard Schon video

More info on this video

Holbein video

More info on The Ambassadors

A textbook on Anomorphosis and other mathematical art methods.

Art & Math - General

Graph Paper

  Lots of Graph Templates!