The Cost of What is Eaten powerpoint shown in class comes from the free materials offered by Menzel Photo from a book called Hungry Planet.

Body Surface Area MedCalc: Body Surface Area Body Surface Area Calculator for medication doses  


  Human Footprint videoon Snag Films   The Cost of What is Eaten PDF
Human Footprint Human Footprint numbers PDF Human Footpring Resource PDF Mapping the Footprint PDF
National Geographic: Preserve our Planet Human Footprint Calculator

Chris Jordan - art and statistics

  The Story of Stuff  
Logic Diagrams A History of Carroll Diagrams    
Dosaging Caffeine    
Reading Nutrition labels

Are food advertisements for real?
  Sugar: The Bitter Truth a terrific YouTube video on the dangers of sugar. (1 hr 30 min long) What school lunches look like in 20 countries. A very scary look at what is eaten every day!  
Spread of Disease The Influenza Epidemic of 1918