Proficiency Files (all pdf's)

Proficiency practice-measurement

Proficiency practice - Algebra

Proficiency practice - Data analysis

Proficiency practice - Geometry

Proficiency practice - Number sense

1998 Official Released exam

2005 Official Released exam

2009 Official Released exam

There are not a lot of resources online for the Nevada Proficiency. Here are some of the better resources, however.

Nevada HSPE site
The official page on the NV Dept of Ed site for the HSPE on all subjects.

Desert Oasis
I go to this site FIRST when I am looking for new exams and materials.

Southern NV RPDP
The Southern NV RPDP is where the materials at Desert Oasis came from. Often the newer exams are found there and then posted later to the sites above.

Also, the Southern NV RPDP site itself is an excellent resource for testing resources. has many free quizzes that are scalable by difficulty level on many proficiency math topics. It also gives instant feedback and a running total on how many correct and incorrect questions the learner has.

Making mathematicians
Holly Young's website. She is with the Northern NV RPDP, and has some of resources to help with proficiencies.

Holt-McDougal also has resources for the NV standards and testing (as well as examview test banks.)

SAT / ACT materials

I need a

Do yourself a favor and sign up for an account here first. It is FREE, and thoroughly worth it.

If you also want to practice for the SAT on your iPad, go to Easel Learning, where they have free and paid iPad apps for the SAT as well as for ALGEBRA

has a problem of the day, as well as practice exams.

SAT Collegeboard is who makes the SAT exam. has many more resources than the SAT website does!

Accuplacer & ASVAB materials

TestPrep Review: this site has test review materials for almost every national standardized exam out there, including the ASVAB.

CollegeBoard Accuplacer site has explanations of the exam, types of tests and questions.

Accuplacer Practice exam this is the official released exam from CollegeBoard.

AnokaRamsey Community College also has practice exams & video tutorials.

Accuplacer Review from CC of Rhode Island