In my travels as a math teacher, I have collected some terrific resources for learning how to use different calculators. I am sharing those resources here at the request of several teachers.

With that said, I don't know or remember where I got these resources from. If I knew, I sourced it or it is in the document. I am providing these as a resource to other math teachers. If you want credit for something here, let me know and you will have it immediately.

If you made something here and you want it taken down, let me know also. I hope you would reconsider and share it though.

Casio Calculators

Personally, I am frustrated with the Casio and the amount of resources available for the Casio. The company does not do a good job with the resources to teach learners and teachers how their calculators are used. It is for that reason I have so many docs here, because I have searched and searched to try and find things to help my learners. There is one site that has a lot of help, and it can be found here.

This set of document are probably the best documents to show teachers and learners how to use the Casio and TI calcs. It has side by side instructions for both calcs for many algebra and a few stats functions. 9750 vs. ti83/84 zipped folder (18 different matched How To's)

Algebra and the FX-9750G Plus or the Calculus and the FX-9750G Plus
Casio - Data Analysis & probability or another stats Casio stats intro
Data Collection and the FX-9750G Plus or Prizm_explorations_statistics
Statistics and the FX-9750G Plus or the book Statistics workbook sampler
Statistics Activities - Kathleen Mittag wrote some fabulous material for stats
Pre-Calculus and the FX-9750G Plus

SneakPeak_Alg 1
SneakPeek_Algebra 2

Finally, the official manuals to using the Casio
FX-9750GII_quick_start_guide the short "get started" guide
Casio fx-9750 GII User Guide is the official user guide

TI - 83 / 84 Calculators

The old standby of the calculator world. You can do a lot with them, and there are thousands of sites and files.

I want to start off with the Virtual TI. It is an opens source emulator for several TI models (but not the 84). I use it at school frequently.

Quick and Dirty Guide to TI-83 - 84
Statsitics with the TI84 - Larson

The 84 has a Press to Test mode. press_to_test_ti84

TI - 89 Calculators

The 89 has CAS, Computer Algebriac System. It is a terrific calculator for algebra and calculus. It has some weakenesses for Stats. It clearly was not inteded for stats.

William Larson has done some great tutorials.
ti89andvoyager in statistics - Larson DOC
ti89andvoyager in statistics - Larson PDF
Tips for Beginners for the TI 89

Statistics with the TI89 list editor the full 200 page article on how to do stats. If you want something shorter, see Larson's docs above.

Below are more files:
ti89 and Stats summary
ti89 and Stats
ti89 tutorial
Basic Statistics for the 89
How to use normal distribution on TI89
Regressions and Scatter Plots on the TI 89