Some projects I am working on:

Here I have collected a variety of tools, websites and apps that form the core group of technology I use regularly. This page is where I launch from for these sites, as well as place links for those really important sites that I want to use, but haven't found the time for (yet, I hope!)

Google Apps I use (most) every day

Google finance

Google news

Google URL shortener If you want a QR code, just put ".qr" and the end of the shortened URL!

Picasa Web Album

Other Web apps that are my "go to" apps and websites for my personal PLN.

A question I have been asked is "Why?" Why do the social media thing, and why does it matter, and what is out there. This Prezi answers those questions (through some amazing tech!)

yes, I have a twitter account. You can find me under @gwaddellnvhs.

Of course, once you actually start using twitter as a resourse for professional development, you will need to store those good tweets somehow. That is where The Archivist comes in.
the Archivist

I also have a facebook account under the same name, gwaddellnvhs.


USE THIS! Dropbox is a teacher's lifesaver! All your files syncronized between home and work. If you sign up with this link, both of us get an extra 250 megs of storage space. And if you really want to see what Dropbox is capable of, read this.

I also have a account, but I use them for different purposes.

Did you know Microsoft has an add-in to do mathematics inside of Word & OneNote? Neither did I, but it is the first add-in I do now. Explanatory link here, direct download here.