One of the reasons I made this page is I have been asked my learners and colleagues what free apps I use. I have shown them, but it is hard to give them links unless I have a page like this!

By no means is this all my apps, but it is a few of the ones I use the most frequently for school purposes.

For the social minded, I use TweetDeck to post to Twitter and Facebook. It is dead simple to use, and makes keeping track of the two easy when I am away from my computer.

AppBrain is an amazing app for the Droid platform. It keeps track of all your updates and installs, and does all the work for you. In addition, it allows you to search and evaluate apps on your computer instead of your phone, and send the app to your phone afterwards. If you have a Droid, start here.

The Android market is the place to go for all apps for Android devices as well.

And, should the worst occur, I use AndroidLost on my phone. It will allow me to shut down, find, communicate with, etc my phone if I ever am dumb enough to lose it.


Below are FREE math and statistic apps I have installed on my phone. Click on the icon to go the the individual app.

10 total, 10 free (100%), 0 paid (0%), 8MB total size, $0 total price